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This data provides a window into how people are interacting with the city online. The data comes from a unified Google Analytics account for City of Philadelphia offices and agencies. This program helps city employees understand how people find, access, and use city services online. The program does not track individual users, and anonymizes the IP addresses of visitors.

Not every city website is represented in this data. Currently, the dashboard collects web traffic from almost 30 city sites. There are many city agencies, departments, offices, and non-phila.gov domains yet to include. We continue to pursue and add more sites frequently; to add your agency or office's site, email the Office of Innovation and Technology.

Top 20 data: "Now" data includes traffic to a specific, single page—whereas "7 Days" and "30 Days" data includes traffic to a domain and all pages within that domain.

This dashboard uses code developed by the Digital Analytics Program, a US government team inside the General Services Administration, an independent federal agency. It was built largely by 18F, another GSA team. This open source project is in the public domain, which means that this website and its data are free for you to use without restriction. You can find the code for this website and the code behind the data collection on GitHub.

We plan to expand the data made available here. If you have any suggestions or spot any issues or bugs, please open an issue on GitHub or leave us feedback.

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